We are a results-driven digital marketing agency for law firms in Australia & New Zealand.

Generate more qualified cases for your law firm with industry-leading SEO, Google Ads & websites.

Our team of highly experienced marketers exist to help law firms grow faster with more effective, more measurable marketing.

We don’t just focus on rankings, traffic or pretty creative; we’re after real results for our clients. That means more enquiries and more matters opened.

Our senior team is a core group of experienced marketing professionals based in Newcastle, NSW, while the rest of our team can be found around Australasia.

Unlike the typical agency structure with layers of management staff, we have an agile approach which allows us to assemble the right team for each client. This means we can scale up or down to meet your requirements.

Specialisation equals better results

Every legal field has its own unique challenges and strategies. A generalist lawyer may not have the specialised knowledge and experience to win the case.

It’s the same in marketing.

We are a marketing agency that specialises in growing law firms.

We have a proven track record of achieving excellent results for law firms. We know exactly what it takes to succeed in the legal field.

Partner with us and we will help you achieve your business growth goals. We have the expertise, experience, and track record to get the job done.

Success is built on transparency and trust

No more waiting for monthly reports that you may or may not read. You can log in to your account and see your campaign results in real time.

Digital marketing can be a mysterious field. We don’t use smoke and mirrors to hide our results. You can see exactly how your campaigns are performing, and we’re always available to answer your questions.

Plus, we won’t lock you into a platform that you don’t own.

You’re not just another client

We guarantee you exclusivity in your market

We only work with one law firm / specialisation per region, giving you an advantage over your competitors. If you are one of these firms, you will receive our full attention and dedication.

You will have direct access to the people managing your marketing and have a clear understanding of what is being done, why it is being done, and what is coming next.

Your Senior Marketing Team

We have been at the forefront of SEO, Google Ads and WordPress web design in Australia for over 18 years via our sister agency Sticky.Digital. Now we have a dedicated digital marketing service for lawyers.

Best marketer for law firms in Australia. Craig Wilson

Craig Wilson
Legal Marketing Expert & SEO Specialist

Best web designer for law firms in Australia. Mitch Hawkins

Mitch Hawkins
Lead Digital Designer & WordPress Specialist

It costs nothing to see whether we are a good fit for your law firm. Let’s have a 30 minute call to discuss your needs.