The truth about marketing for law firms.

What works and what doesn’t.

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The truth about marketing for law firms

It’s no secret that law is one of the most competitive industries in Australia, with approximately 95,000 lawyers and 17,000 law firms all vying for business.

This means the challenge to win new clients is greater in law than most industries.

Fortunately, it is possible to stand out in such a crowded market and win more than your fair share of clients with the right marketing plan.

In fact, in my experience it’s possible even for small firms to dominate their market with a marketing strategy that is focused on results.

The Rapid Growth Marketing Plan for Law Firms cuts straight to the chase, explaining what works and what doesn’t in the quest for more of your ideal clients.

In this short guide we will outline a marketing plan that will turn your website into your #1 sales channel. We’ll demonstrate how your firm can start dominating your market and fend off the challenge of your competitors.

– Craig Wilson