How to Double Your Law Firm’s Enquiries in 2024

Craig Wilson
Rapid Growth Marketing

The legal landscape is a battlefield, and attracting clients is a constant struggle. While traditional tactics like print, TV, radio and networking can be useful, the future belongs to firms who mater digital marketing.

And despite it being such a competitive field, very few law firms have efficient, cost-effective, lead generating digital marketing campaigns.

Done well, digital marketing has the potential to turbocharge your lead generation. The secret weapon? A potent combination of Google Ads, SEO and conversion rate optimisation (CRO), complimented by great landing pages. Mastering this quartet isn’t just about attracting more enquiries; it’s about attracting the right enquiries.

Here’s how your law firm can double it’s enquiries in 2024, and leaving competitors scrambling for dust.

Google Ads: Laser-Guided Client Acquisition

Imagine this: potential clients searching for your exact legal expertise, and your firm’s ad pops up like a beacon. Google Ads makes this a reality.

38,000 people use Google to search for a lawyer each month in Australia. It is absolutely essential that your firm is able to be found quickly in search. By crafting laser-targeted campaigns around specific keywords, you’re speaking directly to individuals in their moment of legal need. This precision eliminates wasted impressions and delivers high-intent leads directly to your doorstep.

But Google Ads isn’t a “spray and pray” game. It’s about strategic bidding, crafting ad copy that resonates with your ideal client’s emotional state, and directing them to highly optimised landing pages that ensure they speak to you and not your competitors. Testing different ad variations, analysing user behavior, and constantly refining your approach based on data ensures your campaigns are a magnet for the clients you want, not just any client.

Search Engine Optimisation: Building a Long Term Base

While Google Ads brings the immediate heat, SEO is the slow and steady marathon runner, steadily building your online authority and organic presence. By meticulously optimising your website for relevant keywords, earning backlinks from other relevant sites, and creating content that educates and informs, you establish your firm as the go-to thought leader in your area.

This organic growth fosters trust and credibility, making it highly likely potential clients will choose you over the competition when they see your website dominating search results. It also allows you to not solely rely on paid search, lowering your overall marketing spend in the long term.

SEO takes dedication, but the rewards are substantial. A well-oiled SEO machine attracts a consistent stream of qualified leads, reduces dependence on paid advertising, and nurtures long-term client relationships.

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Turning Clicks into Clients

So, you’ve got potential clients clicking through from your ads and landing on your website. Fantastic! But remember, the journey doesn’t end there. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the art of transforming those clicks into concrete enquiries and consultations. Analyse how visitors interact with your website, identify pain points, and remove any roadblocks preventing them from reaching out.

Is your contact form too complicated? Is your phone number hidden not obvious enough? Revamp your design, prioritise clear calls to action, and remove friction from the user experience to guide visitors towards that initial call or consultation. Remember, every click represents a potential client, so nurturing every interaction on your website is crucial for maximising your conversion rate.

Landing Pages: The Unsung Hero of Lead Generation

But here’s the secret sauce: landing pages. Don’t just direct potential clients to your generic website homepage. Create targeted landing pages specific to each Google Ads campaign and SEO keyword cluster. This ensures visitors land on a page hyper-relevant to their search query, addressing their specific pain points and showcasing your expertise in that area.

Think of landing pages as mini-websites with one laser-focused mission: conversion. Craft compelling headlines that echo the ad and search query, highlight the benefits of contacting you, and offer a clear, enticing call to action. Ditch the legal jargon, speak directly to the visitor’s emotions, and make it impossible for them to leave without taking the next step, whether it’s booking a consultation, downloading a helpful guide, or simply asking a question.

The Key to Successful Lead Generation

The key to this approach is synergy. Google Ads brings in the immediate leads, SEO builds long-term authority, and CRO ensures those leads convert into paying clients. But great landing pages are crucial for a successful campaign. Each element strengthens the others, creating a self-perpetuating lead generation machine that keeps your client pipeline overflowing.

Double Your Enquiries In 2024

Our team has been at the forefront of SEO, Google Ads and WordPress web design for over 18 years running over 1000 successful campaigns. We have developed a proven framework for achieving outstanding growth that is more focused, more efficient and much much more effective.

Our 30-Day Growth Marketing Accelerator helps you develop a proven digital marketing strategy that  is focused on delivering the results you need. Once it is up and running efficiently the only decision you need to make is how fast you want to go.

It starts with a half day workshop to understand your goals and target markets. Then we work in a 30 day sprint to develop and implement a plan that will start generating enquiries sooner. In fact, we do more in the first 30 days than most agencies do in a year so that you get results faster.

Plus we guarantee exclusivity in your market. We only work with one law firm / specialisation per region, giving you an advantage over your competitors. If you are one of these clients, you will receive our full attention and dedication.

Like to know more?

Book a Free Consultation & Marketing Audit

We’ll audit your website and search marketing to identify what’s working and what needs fixing. Then we’ll discuss a plan to start attracting more of your ideal clients. There’s no obligation and, at the very least, you’ll gain some valuable insights to help grow your business. Book a 30-minute consultation here.


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